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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 3-Hydroxy-4-pyridinone Derivatives Potential Influenza Virus PA Endonuclease Inhibitors

Influenza virus is a respiratory pathogen that causes annual influenza epidemics as well as periodic global pandemics. The elderly and other high-risk patients are especially susceptible to influenza, which causes symptoms of fever, coughing, and headache and can lead to severe pneumonia and multiple organ failures. Adaptive mutations and genetic reassortment are the major reasons for high intraspecific variability, increase in virulence, and appearance of drug resistance in IFV. For example, the 2009 pandemic was caused by a novel H1N1 strain. Therefore, there is a continuing need for discovery of new antiviral agents and new targets to treat IFV infections.

Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry