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Advances in 3D Printing Technology for Modified Release Products Development

Application of 3D printing in pharmaceutical areas has provided a unique opportunity for formulation scientists to create modified release drug products. In this presentation, a novel 3D printing technology, Melt Extrusion Deposition (MEDTM), and its application in modified release drug delivery systems will be introduced. Using this technology, a series of modified released tablets have been designed and fabricated to modulate the drug release onset time, release kinetics, duration, and release mechanism. Building upon the predictability of these modified release drug delivery systems, a novel product development approach, 3D Printing Formulation by Design (3DFbD®), has been created to circumvent the trial-and-error drawback of current pharmaceutical product development process. It has been demonstrated that MED 3D printing technology can be used to overcome various pharmaceutical development issues and provide solutions for fine tuning the pharmacokinetics profiles, including controlling the release kinetics and release onset time, combining same API with different release kinetics or multiple API in one tablet, and enhancing the absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs or drug candidates. The applications of 3D printing can trigger paradigm shift in drug deliver, product development and manufacturing.

Formulation and Delivery